ProtoLux v.5 -GM 990 und reloaded Sw-Emu-Firm

ProtoLux v.5 vom NF-EOS-Dev-Team für
GM 990 und reloaded

- EOS panel to Protolux V4 greatly expanded and improved
- WebIf ver 1.7.1
- Videowizzard on V.Format
(Tested drivers: rt3070, rt2870, rt5370, rtl8187, 8712u) wireless support -
- RC selection: Pingu RC1, RC2 Pingu, Pingu RC1 +2, GM Triplex, Amiko Alien (untested), Pingulux Plus, Standard
- Receiver switchable display
- Audio-eleven to for switching from normal DTS
- Overclocking
- Red LED set for Deepstandby
- Direct switching to Spark Soft
- Backup out of the Spark software from E2
- Faster backup
- Boot volume adjustable
- Samba
- PEARL USB Display support (pre-configured)
- All screenshots on WebIF are supported (except in HD channels, only possible OSD)
- Webif Bouquet Editor in NF-Design
- DLNA media server (experimental)
Note: Settings via minidlna menu under System> Preferences> minidlna, start by PPanel
- 2nd WebIF
- Pingulux Plus display support
- Pluginnavibar
- Select Boot Logo or Video
- Various backup options
- Teletext Speedup
- NT mounts mount only Ppanel for Lasting
- Sleep timer fixed
- Full language support (as far as we can tell, dehalb is not entitled to correct is what da)

V-format = Video Wizard
Time = Time and Channel Display (with Time again be switched off)
Find = tuning
Tms = Record Set Path
USB = Dream Explorer
Blue = PPanel
F1 + Blue = Display Switching (clock, transmitter, and from standby clock out)
F1 + Red = Reboot
F1 +1 = Mcas start
F1 +2 = Oscam start
F1 +3 = Mgcamd start
F1 +4 = Camd3 start
F1 +5 = start Incubus
F1 +6 = Vizcam start
F1 +7 = NewCS and Camd3 start
F1 +8 = Oscam and Mgcamd start
F1 +0 = All Stop Emus

Known Bugs:
- HD recordings on sticks can cause problems on ext3 HDD No problems found.
- Set the First Boot no wifi then skip better network settings
- Are DLNA stop before Guirestart or format e otherwise it tuner problems and it needs to be rebooted

Dateiname: ProtoLux_v.5_GM 990_ reloaded.rar
Dateigröße: 76.16 Mbyte